The two of us are neighbors that have always enjoyed making food. From a young age, we have been in the kitchen making boxes of mac and cheese and glasses of chocolate milk. Now, as we have gotten older, the desire to make more complex and enjoyable food grew. We may have matured, but we still like to have fun, so this blog will feature things to keep you interested. Below are descriptions of what you’ll be able to see as we get this blog up and going!

The main purpose of this blog is to make, review, and create recipes. You’ll be able to find fun tips, pictures, videos, and food perfect for upcoming occasions, so don’t forget to check in every once in a while. Perhaps we’ll have the perfect recipe just for you!

Every so often we’ll provide recipes that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. With tips on how to make it and how it tastes you’ll be provided with yummy to the tummy meals!

To keep things interesting, we’ll flip to a random page in a recipe book and make the first thing we see. Also, don’t miss out on our experiments  when we’ll try to make up our own recipes and see how they turn out.

You’ll also be provided with food to fit in with the seasons and upcoming special occasions. This way you’ll be ready for the feasts with your families and have just the right food to eat with the changing weather.


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