Just Starting out

Cooking and baking can end up being quite a hassle when you first start off. We both have experienced annoying situations that could have been avoided if we had known these three tips before we started makin’ and bakin’!

You don’t want your kitchen to end up like this…

Clean Up: One of the most annoying things that can happen is when you finish making your food and you turn around and see the horrible mess that covers the kitchen counters. But how do you avoid it? With each ingredient that you take out to use, be sure to put it away when your done using it. This keeps more space on the counter, there is less clutter and mess, and you won’t have as much clean up to do at the end of your creating. Keep your dishwasher empty beforehand and you won’t have to do any hand washing either!

Just remember: read over speed!

Check your Recipe: What often happens when you first start off is a lack of ingredients or supplies that you need. What makes it worse is when you’ve already started your recipe and there’s no turning back. So, before you embark on your baking and cooking, look in your pantry and double check that you have the ingredients and enough of them too! And if your very new at this, it’s a good idea to learn all the terms of baking and cooking so that you wont mess up.

No one wants to choke on the smoke!

Watch your food: Not only is it upsetting to have burnt food, but this can be a potentially dangerous situation. Forgetting about stove top burners or the oven can cause firs which can ruin a day. There are other reasons to watch food too. Curious pets such as dogs can quickly gobble down your masterpiece if you don’t put your food away or keep a watchful eye. After we made a delicious savory pi and ate a few bites, we lost it in a matter of seconds due to a hungry little pup that managed to hop to the top of the stove and stuff half a pie down her gullet!

Another reminder is to stay in the kitchen! Yes you might make some throw away meals but it takes time to get used to multitasking, measuring, and understanding what everything does! These tips can help ease the learning process. Good luck and good cooking!


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