Burger Bar

Burger Bar is a fairly new restaurant opened by one of America’s most talented chefs, Hubert Keller. Hubert Keller is known best for his world-renowned restaurants, Fleur de Lys (San Francisco) Fleur by Hubert Keller (Las Vegas), and Burger Bar (San Francisco, Las Vegas, and St. Louis). Having delighted the palates of his peers, food writers, and restaurant critics alike with his imaginative, modern French cuisine, he has received numerous awards. He writes cookbooks and is featured on many cooking shows. Burger Bar opened in 2009, with a spectacular view of Union Square on the sixth floor Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco, and brings interesting, unique twists to burgers.

They have sweet burgers,this one is called the Nutella Burger with a warm donut, Nutella mousse, passion fruit gelatin, fresh strawberries and fresh mint.

A Pesto Burger,and many more. You also can build your own “ultimate burger” with an awe inspiring assortment of toppings (including the house made sauces such as Black Truffle Sauce, and regular sauces such as Pesto) from the bun all the way down to what meat you would like, Black Angus, Kobe, Buffalo.  Don’t want beef?  There’s chicken, salmon, turkey and of course a veggie burger.  It’s almost like ordering a pizza but with burgers.They have some different, beautifully delicious milkshakes (alcoholic and non)  such as the Black and White with Vanilla ice cream, cookie dough and chocolate sauce topped with chocolate whipped cream.

     This is the Nutella milkshake with chocolate ice cream, Nutella chocolate sauce and chocolate whipped cream.

This has definitely been added to my bucket list and I hope to go there soon.


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