Getting Ready for the Holidays

On the back of all of our minds is the knowledge that family gatherings for the holidays are coming up. And with the holidays comes the food… that you have to make…for the whole family. Each year its a cramped and stressful time in the kitchen with pies, cakes, potatoes, turkey, and so much more that has to be cooked, baked, and saved from greedy hands. Fortunately for us, there are some smart cookies out in this world who have thought of simple genius tools to help bring together our unavoidable yearly feasts.

The NuWave® Precision Induction Cooktop is a portable appliance that sits on your counter top and is an extra burner for making meals. It’s meant to cook 50% faster than gas or electric stoves and can also be used to keep food warm on a buffet table. The price is a little over 100 dollars, seemingly well worth the price as it allows for more room for preparation and speedy cooking. A little more information from Jeff’s reviews can be found here:

This site gives a review of the product but I’d still like to know about its durability.

The Sil-Eco® Bread Mat sounds like a a great tool to have. Its point is to make croissants and dinner rolls end up with the perfect flaky crust. It is a fiber mat that distributes heat evenly. It fits a standard cookie sheet and costs about 20 dollars. The product sounds great to me but I still want to know about its durability and how well it actually works. I think I better get one of these because I sure do like my flaky crusts!

Finally, this hot or cold Primula® Key West Beverage Dispenser is something that would be great for a buffet or large gathering. It holds 1.65 gallons in clear glass. It has a silicone filter that prevents clogging in the spigot. The holder of the glass comes in red, blue or green, at a price of 35 dollars. My concerns are in the holder. It stands on three thin wire legs and comes off as a little unstable. Otherwise, it’s a pretty way to serve drinks to a lot of people! Want learn more? Here’s a link to where you can buy it.

All of these products are designed to make your holiday feasting easier to prepare and serve. I don’t own any of them so I don’t know of how great they really are but I do want to buy them and try them out.

Happy Holidays and feasting!


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