Helpful Hint Please…?

Want to know something that we really dislike? When we want to bake a complicated dessert that doesn’t turn out right or when you we something that looks oh so good but when we attempt to make it it looks oh so bad. We wish there were an easier way to come by tips that could help prevent us from failing miserably as we are certainly not professionals,. It’s hard to learn from mistakes when you don’t know what they are.

For example, how do we keep our cake pops from looking like this:

To this:

We’ve tried making cake pops so many times before and yet we have not been successful. If we had real tips on what does what and how to prevent  all the mess ups, then we would be able to please other people and ourselves. We still aren’t quite sure on what were doing wrong or what we’ll need to be successful. And that’s just one example.

People want to cook yummy meals at home, but it seems that professionals hold all the secrets. And when we watch cooking shows that tell you how to make meals and what to use, it’s always too fast for us to catch what we want to know. Maybe there are sites that hold all these wanted tips, or cookbooks with what we’re missing… we don’t know.  All we can say is that if we were to come across something that holds all our answers, we’d be buying it instantly, and others most likely would too. Nobody likes a meal that has gone wrong, we just want to know how to best prevent it.


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