Having a Halloween party this year? Or maybe your just feeling festive? Here are some ideas of what we think are must haves to eat while the spirit of the holidays are around. Obviously a bowl of candy is always appreciated and expected, but why not surprise your friends with something a little more creative…

Cupcakes! Simple yet you can do so much with them. Each round top is a blank canvas to decorate for any occasion. With a little frosting and some decorating candies you can just about make anything! Why not try spiders, pumpkins, monsters, or even eyeballs! With so much freedom, all you have to do is let your creative juices flow!

What would Halloween be without pumpkin pie? Bake it or buy it it doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve got it in the kitchen. Although more fun to make it, a nice slice with whipped cream is always appreciated by some one.

Carving pumpkins this year? If so, be sure to save the seeds! We both happen to love pumpkin seeds, and many other people do too! Roasted and seasoned, a bowl of seeds is so inviting to dive your hands into. All you need to do is rinse off the seeds, toss them in garlic powder, salt, and a little butter. Put them in the oven and bang! You’ve got yourself a great little snack!

Don’t forget about drinks! A bowl of fruity punch or apple punch can add to the decoration of your party. With a large punch bowl, fill it with creepy halloween items like fake eyeballs to spice everything up!


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