We decided to make fajitas for dinner the other night and the results was satisfying and delicious! Fun to make with lots of people, fajitas are a great meal to make when you’ve got lots of friends over. Surprisingly quick, this meal requires multitasking which means everything is being heated at the same time, so stay alert!


Ingredients for marinade:

1/4 cup oil

2 cloves garlic

Tsp cumin

Sprinkle of salt and pepper

For filling:

1 pepper

1 onion

1 can beans

1 cup cheese

Marinate the beef strips in oil, garlic,  salt and pepper, and cumin. The longer the tastier!

Chop the bell pepper and onions into small pieces, place in a warm pan with oil and sauté.

Grate the Jack cheese.

Warm up the black beans and the flour tortillas. The secret to extra deliciousness is heating up the oil in the pan very hot before placing the tortillas in it.

Fill your tortilla with all of the goodies, wrap it up and eat!

Also, guacamole is another great item to add to your fajitas, make it homemade it it will always turn out absolutely delicious!


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